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If you are new to menopause, you may think (as I did) that all hot flashes are made equal. The truth is that they come in all shapes and sizes and can creep up on you at any time of day or night.

Preparation is essential!

Having cooling items on hand to break the hot flash cycle will keep you more physically and mentally chilled during menopause.

Whether at your job, exercising, or sleeping, we walk you through our routines to get that instant hot flash relief.


Exercising in Menopause

Our Chill Drink & Mist is a lifesaver when exercising during perimenopause, menopause and beyond. 

For women who overheat easily in menopause, exercising can be a catch 22.

It is wise not to engage in an activity that makes you overheat. But, the feel-good factor and general health benefits of exercising vastly outweigh the heat surge issue.

Be prepared with the Chill Drink & Mist by continually misting water on your face and neck, as well as remaining hydrated.  

If you feel a flush coming on, slow down and mist and drink until it passes. Don’t try and push through - unless you are trying to win a marathon!


Try to lower your core temperature before you begin exercising. For low-intensity exercise or casual walks, use our Chill Scarf for added cooling.


Hot flashes at Work

My favorite product when I’m at work is the Chill Spray Bottle. Small and discreet enough to sit on your desk or put in your bag. 

There is no better cooling than liquid cooling, did you know: 


liquid cools 25 x faster than air.


That's why the Chill Spray Bottle works.  The ultrafine mist hits the skin delivering that instant relief and then the tiny droplets evaporate taking even more heat away.

The ultrafine spray leaves makeup intact while hydrating the skin - creating a refreshed and revitalized feeling!

Fill-up the Chill Spray Bottle at the water cooler for that extra chill factor. 



Menopause symptoms can destroy sleep quality. But by being prepared you will have a much better chance of getting a good nights sleep.

Our Nightly Plan:

  1. Put the Chill Drink & Mist bottle on my nightstand. Hydrate and mist if I wake up during the night. 
  2. Insert the Chill Pillow to: (a) get to sleep quicker, (b) have a better quality of sleep, and (c) stay asleep for longer.
  3. One of my very worst symptoms is burning feet. I will go to bed thinking that everything is good. I may not have even had a hot flash that day. Then, wham! My feet will start burning like crazy! The Chill Socks are a godsend in this situation.
    If you're struggling with hot flashes or night sweats explore our easy-to-use range of cooling products.  Or learn more about why we created Chilled Lady.
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