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Why Chilled Lady Products?

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By Women for Women

Mom handpicked her own favorite hot flash weapons. A few design tweaks later, and we bring you the most simple yet effective instant cooling range.

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No complex electronics, batteries, or instruction manuals.  Just simple relief products that work. 

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Instant Relief

When hot flashes hit you need
instant cooling products on hand.

Blue rocket icon showing the hot flush relief products are light and small so are travel friendly

Travel Friendly

Hot flashes happen anytime, anywhere. We created products that are small and lightweight; never be caught out again!

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Won't Break the Bank

Hot flash relief doesn’t have to be expensive.  All our products are less than $25.

Blue heart icon - easy returns if you don't love it

Love It or Leave It

If you don't love our product, we have a 30-day Return & Refund Policy. 

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